German Loperena , Vice-President at EAEC - European-American Enterprise Council

Bilateral Meetings

  • Morning slot (10h-13h)
  • Afternoon slot (14h - 17h)

EAEC The European American Enterprise Council, (EAEC) is a private member-driven organization and network (8 US and EU chapters in January 2014) that aims at promoting Cross-Atlantic cooperation, collaboration and business between European and North-American companies, institutions and economic regions while fostering Innovation, International Trade, Investment and Entrepreneurship.

Check our annual event USA Week in Europe (each fall)

Our goal and main focus of activity is to advise, support and assist both European companies wishing to establish themselves or invest in North America, and North American companies wishing to do business or invest in Europe by advising them (EAEC 3 R's services: Research, Revenue Acceleration and Recruiting Services), offering them access to the right distribution channels and decision-making ecosystems/hubs, leading them through the entire process, and helping them achieve their revenue and expansion goals.

Country: USA

Organization Type: Other

Organization Size: 26-50

Areas of Activities


    Offer & Request

    Business development support in USA or Europe

    We help companies, organizations (Private and Public) and governments to develop their businesses and relations in USA and Europe.
    Our local senior teams in Europe and USA are ready to start working with you.
    We represent EEN in USA.

    Keywords: InternationalBusiness developmentTrade promotionRenewable
    Cooperation Offered
    1. License agreement
    2. Sales / Distribution
    3. Investment/Financing
    4. Other