Nuno Faria , Business Development at Critical Materials, S.A.

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Critical Materials (from CRITICAL Group) is a company focused in the development of solutions and products in critical applications of material systems and structures.
The founders have 10+ years experience in research and development in the field of structural analysis and advanced materials development and applications in wide range of industries: aeronautics, space, automotive, energy and manufacturing.
They have reference work with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ESA, Simoldes, Plasfil, PSA, AutoEuropa and AMTROL ALFA, among others.
The integration of a group of top researchers and engineers with varied experience in academic and industrial environments created a team highly skilled in providing integrated health & monitoring solutions to current and future challenges in our focus industries: Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Energy and Infrastructures.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Areas of Activities

Fixed Offshore Wind

    Floating Offshore Wind



        Structural Health Monitoring systems

        Critical Materials is a technology company dedicated to design, develop and implement software systems that generate high return by effectively monitoring the structural condition of distant and valuable assets. The result is…Proddia® W, the integrated software system that turns SHM (Structural Health Management) an operational reality in several industry segments.

        CMT is looking for companies both to act as Proddia® W distributors, and technology partners that may include Proddia® W in enlarged maintenance platforms. We are always open to work in customized solutions.

        Keywords: SHMCMSEngineering Services
        Cooperation Offered
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        2. License agreement
        3. Sales / Distribution