Antonio Falcao , Professor at Instituto Superior Tecnico

Bilateral Meetings

  • Morning slot (10h-13h)
  • Afternoon slot (14h - 17h)

Instituto Superior T├ęcnico (mostly its Mechanical Engineering Department) has been active in wave energy conversion development for more than 35 years.
This has included a wide range of activities: resource assessment and characterization; theoretical modelling, model testing, design, control, mooring of wave energy converters; power take-off equipment.
Although a wide range of converter types have been dealt with in this activity, the focus has been on oscillating water column converters and air turbines.
In the last few years has been developing a floating wave energy converters of oscillating water column type, equipped with a novel highly efficient air turbine.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: University/Research

Organization Size: 250+

Areas of Activities

Tidal and wave energy


    Wave energy conversion

    Wave energy conversion modelling
    Oscillating water column devices.
    Air turbines.