Otília Reis , Executive Director at Fulbright Commission

Bilateral Meetings

  • Morning slot (10h-13h)
  • Afternoon slot (14h - 17h)

The main and overarching objective of the Commission is to contribute to a positive impact on the culture of the Portuguese and the American society by providing merit-based educational exchange opportunities, high quality comprehensive information, and additional innovative knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: Other

Organization Size: 1-10

Areas of Activities



    Fulbright Grants

    Fulbright grants provide Portuguese students and scholars with opportunities to study, lecture or do research in the U.S. and American students and scholars to develop such activities in Portugal.


    Fulbright Brainstorms Conferences

    The Fulbright Brainstorms are conferences organized with the goal of bringing contemporary issues to academic, scientific and public discussion, under the prestigious Fulbright aegis. These conferences, fully funded by public and private sponsors, are also part of the Commission and the sponsors’ social responsibility commitment.
    The next Fulbright Brainstorms will be focused on Energy Sustainability and we are looking for potential partners and sponsors.

    Cooperation Requested
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