Antonio Sarmento , President of the Board at WavEC Offshore Renewables

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WavEC Offshore Renewables is a private non-profit centre of excellence, but also an association involving companies, R&D institutions and one university. Created in 2003, it develops five types of activities: applied research, innovation and technology transfer, consulting and training. It also develops pro bono activities, namely the dissemination and promotion of opportunities of marine renewable in the country, among companies, public administration and general public, and also the Portuguese representation in different international bodies. WavEC has been created to help overcome the lack of clear structures with respect to offshore energy implementation in the large scale, as well as deficient information on decision-makers and the general public with respect to the potential and actual status of marine energy.

WavEC has participated in over 20 European funded projects and has a wide experience in rendering services for companies and governmental bodies in the international market. WavEC, has rapidly become the reference institution of its type in Europe, with significant work developed at national, European and international levels. WavEC is currently participating in a growing number of European Projects, rendering services for companies and public bodies and progressively extending its activity to marine currents and floating offshore wind. WavEC is founding member of the European Association on Ocean Energy and participates actively in the EERA Ocean Energy Joint Program.

The international experience of WavEC outside of Europe has also been being expanded not only with projects for companies in Korea and the USA, but also with the work done in the International Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Systems Implementing Agreement, where WavEC holds the Executive Committee Secretariat and is the Operating Agent of the dissemination and communication activities.

WavEC has long experience in wave energy technology at R&D level, but also, and depending on the cases, on conceptual, design, construction, deployment and operational phases. The latter is related in particular to the 400 kW Pico plant in the Azores (since 2005), a unique non-commercial demonstration wave energy plant at the Pico Island in Azores owned and operated by WavEC ( Further, frequent involvement in technology evaluation exercises (from conceptual to real-scale data-supported levels), technology development processes and access to specific non-public information provides WavEC with a deep insight into the current challenges and needs of the offshore renewable energy technologies.

Initially its focus was wave energy but recently it has broadened its services to offshore renewables, including floating offshore wind, tidal energy, salinity and temperature gradient.

The Centre’s multidisciplinary team provides services in five main areas: monitoring & technology, economy & industry, numerical & experimental modelling, marine environment and public policies & dissemination.

WavEC has given advice to some of the largest Portuguese and multinational companies to set strategies for the sector and advised the public sector in policymaking.

It has participated in numerous national, European and international projects, which allowed the creation of an international network of more than 100 partners.

WavEC has been developing state-of-the-art reports since its foundation with focus on ocean energy and offshore wind, market opportunities, international political scenery and global vision of technological, economic, legal and environmental aspects.

Country: Portugal

Organization Type: Company, University/Research, Consultant, Other

Organization Size: 11-25

Areas of Activities

Fixed Offshore Wind

    Floating Offshore Wind

      Tidal and wave energy



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